Pretty in Plaid


The breeze is beginning to cool…bringing hints of pumpkin spice, apple picking, and scarf-wearing promises.  Backpacks, notebooks, pencils: A brand new school year is about to begin.  We think of sweaters and boots, hats and scarves, flannels and plaid and all of their Autumn goodness….. UNLESS you live in Florida.

School began today. It was 95-ish degrees outside.  Doesn’t seem right to be packing a backpack in the middle of summer.  As I sent my one and only baby to kindergarten, I watched him bounce off in khaki shorts as the sun blessed us with its almighty warmth at 7:45am.

I love many things about Florida.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t still be here.  But this is the time of year where the nostalgia of all things Autumn start pulling on my heart strings.  I miss leaves changing color.  I miss the feeling of wrapping myself up in an oversized knitted sweater and warming my fingers on a hot beverage.  I miss it being just cool enough to wrap yourself in layers and letting their comfort be like a fuzzy blanket for your soul.

I miss denim, boots, and PLAIDS!  Plaids come back every fall.  I think there is just something about the harvest time that makes everyone want to throw on a plaid shirt and go apple picking.

Let me just say that I LIVE for that random cool day we will get in october/november…and I will be decked out in my Autumn gear “to the nines”  After all, it is 75 degrees outside and to a Floridian that is cold.

pretty in plaid 2

Until that day my friends, I found this amazing plaid dress made with a lightweight breathable fabric. I can get my plaid fix without melting.  It is a great fit for a curvy woman.  The top gave me enough coverage with v-neck.  It always features pretty floral embroidery around the neckline.  It has an empire waistline, which I normally avoid like the plague….(they always make me look like I’m wearing maternity clothes!) but this was cut in such a flattering way.  You can find it at your local dressbarn featured in the Westport Collection.

pretty in plaid

Today was emotional to say the least. I sent my baby to kindergarten. I know I am not the first mother, or the last, or even the only one today to watch a piece of her heart walk away…taking the leap from baby to little boy. .  I don’t know what he will remember when he grows up.   Not everything has gone to plan.  Our world has been turned upside down for the last 5 years. But I hope he will remember that mommy has done everything she can to put it back right side up.

What does plaid have to do with my boy starting school? Kindergarten marks a new season of life…(facebook did a great job reminding me of that this morning as his baby pictures flooded my memories page.)  Plaid has always come back with a change in season…Autumn. A season of transition… a time to reflect on where we’ve been and anticipate, with excitement, the new adventure that lies ahead.

pretty in plaid 4



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