Basic “B”

4 Wardrobe Staples Every Working Girl Needs

Most evenings I have good intentions of laying out an outfit for the morning.  I also attempt to pack lunches and to not leave dishes from dinner still sitting in the sink.  Since school started, 5:45am comes really fast and by 9pm I’ve passed out on the couch. Thank goodness my son has a uniform.  I don’t have to think too much about what he has to wear.

One of the best things you can do for these hectic mornings, is to use the idea of a uniform by creating an “outfit formula” using staple pieces in your wardrobe that you can just mix and match to quickly look put together.  I have 2 outfit formulas that work for me.  Today, I am reviewing 4 of my go-to items for a working girl look.

basic b left look leg out

1. Power Pants

When you find a great pair of dress pants (you know, the ones that make you walk like a boss) You buy alllll the colors, plus a few extra!  I’m seriously in love with the Secret Agent Pull-On Trouser from dressbarn.  They feel like a yoga pant masquerading as a power suit.  What they lack in hanger appeal, they make up in tummy smoothing, curve hugging awesomeness.

2. A Fun Flirty Shell

You always need a few layering pieces with a great fit and a little personality.  There are 2 styles that I really like: NY & Company’s Chiffon Front Tank and dressbarn’s Ruffle Front V-neck tank.  The chiffon front tank is light and flowy and best of all, redeems the tummy sin. It comes in neutral solid colors and I have also seen it available in new prints every season.  I had to stop myself from ordering it because my closet was being taken over by chiffon.  My ruffle front V-necks are so easy to wear!  V-necks are super flattering for any body type and the fabric is silky and stretchy for those who like a more body-skimming fit. The ruffle gives it an uber feminine touch.  This also comes in different colors (I am wearing the pink) and some fun prints.

3. A Well-Tailored Blazer

There is no denying that a well-tailored blazer is pure magic.   It sprinkles confidence like fairy dust whenever you put it on.  It is easily pairs with trousers, denim, dresses…pretty much anything other than your nightgown and bunny slippers….but hey…who am I to stop you?  I am a huge fan of the career blazers that Torrid carries.  The ruched sleeved ponte blazer is a soft fabric that hugs in all the right places. It easily stretches over my larger bust. I’m so finicky with blazers. I can’t stand stiff, scratchy fabrics, or heavy boxy styles…. I like that this one is cut to contour my waistline…(or pretends to contour!)

4. A Great Handbag

Make sure you find a well-made, functional bag in a neutral color, without sacrificing style.  After all, our whole life gets toted around inside as we toss it on the passenger seat or drop it on the floor after a long day.  Again, I am turning to Torrid for the one that has stolen my heart.  I like that it is big enough to hold a wallet, sunglasses case, a small laptop or tablet, my phone, a planner,  a small pharmacy, and random matchbox cars.  It has a small handle and a cross body strap depending on what mood my shoulder is in that day.  I also like the metal hexagon applique and studs to give it a youthful edgy look.

basic b widescreen bag



This is my solution on days where I need to get out of the house fast and still look put together.  You can create your own formula by choosing pieces that you love.  Think about the styles that you reach for over and over again because you know you will look and feel great every time you put them on. These basic items are “not so basic” when they are made well, fit good, and look fabulous.  They also become great building blocks for creating other looks….but that, my friends, is for another day!


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