Renaissance Remix

As most of the country says goodbye to the warm summer sun and says hello to the crisp autumn breeze, it seems appropriate to talk about change and transitions.  An unexpected trip to my hometown stirred up a whole mess of feelings that I didn’t know exactly how to deal with.  I left 7 years ago and have only been back to visit a handful of times.  Back then, I remember seeing only the ugly shadows of all that was wrong and all the reasons I ran away.  This time was different.  This time I saw it through love and appreciation for everything it is.  I was able to see the good memories and embrace the fact that this is the place that shaped me into who I am today.

park in providence

It is amazing how I can stand in the same parking lot or plaza that I did some 15 years ago and realize that nothing has changed.  The buildings are all exactly that same, the trees are the same, and sadly, even the potholes are the same.  Everything is the same…except for me…. I have changed.  I think differently…I feel differently…and I carry myself differently.  My experiences and transitions in life have changed the way I see and interact with the world.

I read an amazing blog the other day that mentioned that humans tend to go through a reset period every 7-10 years, much like the economy does. (Rock Bottom is Where Your Life Truly Begins)  We feel the need to make a change, we long for something new and different. Why? Because we need growth. We can’t stay where we are and experience the same things over and over again…. We become stagnant, bored, and depressed.  We are designed to evolve into better versions of ourselves.

superman building providence

Providence is also known as the “renaissance city.”  Renaissance means “rebirth.” aka…CHANGE.  But why? You can stand at city center and stare up at the buildings that have been there for what feels like forever. It is the people.  People breathe new life into the streets awakening the stale stone walls.  We are the dreamers, the inventors, and the innovators that bring a born again spirit to the city.

So to be completely honest, I started writing this post as a way to link the psyche of transition to a summer wardrobe transition to fall.  And somehow it has ended up much deeper than that! I must have a lot on my heart to share.  But here is an example of taking a casual summer dress into fall!  Add leggings and boots for warmth and a cardigan for a great layered look.  I am sure I appeared silly to some, as it is still quite warm here in SWFL . But I felt fabulous and rocked it anyway!


I’m going to end this post by saying, change is hard. Transitions are really hard.  No matter how many times we go through it, leaving the old behind to embrace the new will always lead to an inward grieving as we let go of what was and welcome what is coming.  Even if what is coming is good!   I am learning how to trust this process and I encourage you to as well. Don’t be afraid. Allow your feelings to soften and weaken you until you are molded into something new and beautiful.  If that statement is just to deep to handle, try this: If life suddenly changes tune…just shout “remix!”  and keep dancing right along.

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different…”.” C.S.Lewis


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