Why You Need a Denim Jacket

This seems like a no brainer to the seasoned fashionista.  But to those who need a little bit more wardrobe help, I am about to give you a few reasons why a good quality denim jacket is a piece you should invest in as a closet staple.  There are all sorts of styles and washes to choose from.

I recommend a med to dark wash with minimal embellishment.  Even though I am totally in love with this fall’s embroidery trend or anything that sparkles, when looking for an investment piece, be sure to select a style that is timeless. You will get the most wear out of it year after year without it going out of style.

Above all else, the most important thing about choosing a denim jacket is one that fits and feels comfortable on your body. Ask yourself:  Do I like the color?  Does the cut flatter my body?  Do I feel comfortable in this fabric?  Can I move freely?  Can I see myself reaching for this piece over and over again?  If you can answer yes, then you have found your jacket!

Here are 4 examples of ways you can wear a denim jacket:

  1. As a Great Fall Jacket:  It is the perfect weight for the chiller days where short sleeves are no longer an option but your winter jacket would make you sweat.   I have mine paired with a comfy plaid legging, basic tunic length black tee and jazzed up with some great accessories.  I’m wearing a black strappy heel because of the warmer climate I live in, but boots with this outfit would also look fantastic.Denim and Plaid 3
  2. As a Layering Piece to Transition those Summer Outfits:  Living in Florida, I own more sundresses than a girl should ever own. However, it will get cooler…eventually…(fingers crossed).  Whether it is a short or maxi length sundress, throwing a denim jacket over it has functional and aesthetic purposes.  Fall is all about layering. So you are being both economical by getting more use out of your summer wardrobe AND you are adding an instant pop of “I know what I’m doing” style.  Denim and Maxi 3
  3. To Create a Casual Look with a Party Dress:  Ever wish you could just channel your inner Cinderella during the day, but don’t want to look out of place?  Denim over a fancy party dress gives it an unexpected edgy princess look.  I think this is a great untraditional lunch date/date night look.  Or whenever the heck you feel like twirling in a pretty dress look. I think if I added some Converses with this look I would have been channeling my inner Avril Lavigne.  Denim and Dress 1
  4. In Place of a Traditional Blazer:  Paired with typical career pieces such as a black pencil skirt and heels, this look takes on a completely different attitude when using a denim jacket instead a traditional tailored blazer for work.  This type of look is best for less conservative places of employment.  If you have a bit of creative freedom… this give you a fresh young vibe while looking completely pulled together and polished.Denim and Skirt 2


I am quite sure that if you google “denim jacket looks” you will come up with millions of ways to style your denim jacket. This are just 4 basic ways to get you going.  Experimentation is the key!  Try it on! You got nothing to lose!

How you are styling your denim jacket?



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