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Bloom into Beautiful

“I hope you are blessed with a heart like a wildflower. Strong enough to rise again, after being trampled upon, tough enough to weather the worst of summer storms, and able to grow and flourish even in the most broken places.”  ~Nikita Gill~

floral kimono 5

Happy Spring Everyone!  It’s been about two months since my last post.  It was not my intention to be on a break for this long, but it was a necessary time of transition.  January and February seem to be two months of cold nothingness until the snow melts away and earth dresses itself in vibrant green once again.   Even though I live in Florida, my soul remains set on New England time.  My new year doesn’t begin on January 1,  it begins with the first warm day of spring.

floral kimono 2

This time of waiting is the perfect opportunity for self reflection.  Taking time to reflect is vital to our growth.  Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses and how they shape our choices will lead us to choosing the right path and those who will be there along side you. I feel like that seed in the ground searching for the direction of the sun so that I may know which way to burst from the earth and bloom.

Do you find spring inspirational?   I do.  The rebirth of the trees, blossoming flowers, and feeling the sun warm on our skin again.  It is no wonder that there are so many metaphorical writings and quotes likening our personal growth to that of budding vegetation.  Even fashion finds itself year after year re-interpreting florals for Spring style trends.  I’ve never been big on flower prints, pastels, or the delicate feminine details that spring usually calls for.  I’ve always leaned more towards bold, dark jewel tones, clean lines, and structure.  These elements seem to naturally reflect my more serious personality.  This year I am letting the season speak to me in a different way.

floral me and eliefloral me and elie 3floral me and elie 2

In today’s photos, I am showcasing a beautiful floral kimono with eyelet lace trim.  It was love at first sight the moment I saw it.  Here is a perfect example of opposites attract.  This kimono represents everything I think I am not: Bright and colorful with an easy-going grace.  So I decided it had to come home with me.  Maybe this kimono could teach me a lesson.

I wore it the very next day. My assumptions were right.  I loved how the fabric caught the wind as I walked.  My spirit felt just as light and airy while it gracefully moved with me throughout the day.  The vibrant floral print made my heart smile.

For a casual look with elegance, I styled it with an olive green cotton tank, distressed pull-on jeggings and a nude strappy heel.  At work,  I swapped the heel for a nude flat and cuffed my jeggings.  For a more refined look, I am thinking of styling it with a cream chiffon shell with black slim leg ankle pants and a black kitten heel shoe.

floral mommy and ethanfloral mommy and ethan 2floral mommy and ethan 3

Spring is all about renewal and rebirth.  We have journeyed through the dark cold winter and it is time to shed the layers of what is holding us back and step into the light and shine.  You don’t have to be the perfect flower.  You can have spots, or an uneven amount of petals.  You can be small and dainty or curvy and large.  Whatever you are meant to be, know that this is your time to bloom into your own kind of beautiful.

Spring Family Photo 2floral mommy and ethan 4floral selfie

Floral Kimono, Tank, and Shoes are from dressbarn

Distressed Jeggings are from New York & Company



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