3 Style Trends I am Loving this Spring

This year it’s all about details that are fantastically feminine and bring along a sense of whimsy and fun to our spring wardrobe. Right now is the best time to be living out our inner princess fantasy in this season’s pretty floral prints, romantic fabrics, and tantalizing textures.

floral dress on benchFloral dress full lengthRUFFLES

This style trend has been in and out of fashion for centuries, but thank goodness it has come a long way from pirate shirts and 18th century royalty. Ruffles not only have a youthful, playful aesthetic, but they can also be strategically placed on a garment to balance and enhance a woman’s natural shape. Ruffles on a top can create the illusion of a fuller bust and ruffles place on a skirt will balance narrower hips. Some women will avoid them for fear of looking to “young” or “girly.” Others will fully embrace these fun, flirty frills. I must confess that I fall along the lines of a ruffle convert! I generally hated them because Lord knows I don’t need to add anymore volume to my curves. Then I found this dress! I love the ruffle hemline. It falls at the perfect length to balance out my bigger on top body shape. It captures a playful spirit that makes me want to learn how to dance just to enjoy its joyful movement.

floral dress hemline


Here is another trend that dates way back to the 16th century. Can you imagine that intricate handmade lace was such a sought after luxury that it was once smuggled between countries? Seriously, I googled the history of lace and I found myself for the next hour reading articles. That excursion ended in proclaiming myself a fashion nerd. Modern day lace is machine-made now. But it is still very beautiful and sought out by our inner romantic. If history shows us anything this is one trend that will always return in a new fresh way. I have with me today, my fellow stylist, Sarah, who is just giving me “life” in this white, lace dress. This trend is not just for your grandmother’s doilies. It is taking on a whole new meaning with California summer vibes.

Sarah in Lace Dress


The last time I remember seeing off the shoulder looks were in photos from 70’s fashion and in 80’s prom dresses. This wasn’t high on my radar as a hot, up and coming trend. I only started my fashion journey 4 years ago, and cold-shoulder, off-the-shoulder styles weren’t even being talked about in my little beginner’s world. Now they are EVERYWHERE! Almost to the point where you can’t buy something that isn’t shoulder-baring. I read that one of the reasons this style has become such in demand was because shoulders are not usually a body part a woman is self-conscious about. When was the last time you heard a woman say “I hate my shoulders?”

off the shoulder

We now have three versions of shoulder-baring tops: a) full off-the-shoulder clavicle baring b) the one-shoulder look c) the cold-shoulder that leaves only the shoulder exposed with a strap and fabric covering the upper arm. As a fuller figured woman, I can tell you that the bra thing becomes an issue when shopping for garments with this trend. I think that is why the cold shoulder is an easier buy. It allows you to wear your regular bra. The other 2 options are a bit more challenging unless you already have a go-to, no-fail strapless bra. But I was determined to make it work for me. With this dress I just wore a regular balconette style from Torrid and just pushed the straps down. If you are wearing the right bra size your support should be coming from your band and your cups and not your straps. I’m currently wearing a 38DDD in this brand. I worked an 8 hour shift like that in this dress with no wardrobe malfunctions. I’ve yet to purchase the strapless version of this bra, but trust me it is on the shopping list.

Off the shoulder full length

I like this trend because it has a subtle sexiness to it. It has a seductive side with a hint of adventure without it being bluntly in your face. It has a bohemian, care-free personality. You can look like you are a jet-setting, globally-chic, independent woman, despite the fact that you haven’t left your backyard.

Tell me in the comments below…what spring trends are you into right now?

Michaela and Sarah

Floral Chiffon Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Lace dress is last season, here is a similar one:

White Lace Trapeze Dress

Plus Size Lace Trapeze Dress


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