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My first book of Poetry is available on Amazon!  
It is a quick read, but full of impactful words that explore the
human experiences of love, loss, grief, anxiety, and recovery.  
Search: Michaela Fischhof  Paperback: 9.99  Kindle Download: 3.99 
Here is a piece featured in this new book: 



My words are welded like a sword
Forged from a need to protect
Preserve myself and all I prize
I stand guard prepared to swing
My finely crafted defense
Learned from observing the best
Mimic what I don’t understand
To mask just how different I am
Tired body and weary soul
Searching for where I belong
This world isn’t ready for someone like me
Who cannot cope with its monstrosities
Trembling beneath my armor
Weapons can’t defend my honor
Swing my sword and miss my mark
I retreat and fall apart
Hide in trenches I dig in fear
Hoping no one sees me here
Weeping from the battle lost
Licking my self-inflicted wounds
It’s all too much
To keep up the facade
Fighting to be normal
I wipe it clean, sharpen the blade
Lay it down, find refuge in sleep
Tomorrow I will try again
Waging war inside my head


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